Services provided are as individual and unique as your facility and its collection!


Are you interested in implementing a husbandry training program at your zoo or aquarium?

Programs are designed from the ground up!  Your staff will be trained in a mentorship program to apply operant conditioning techniques to the animals that they care for.  This type of training will benefit the staff in developing a closer relationship with the animals and allow for visual inspection that is safe for all personnel involved.  

Every zoo is unique with staff, exhibit design and goals.  My services are designed for your facilities needs.  This could include anything from basic shifting, aggression, voluntary blood work to interactive programs.  All programs are individually designed for your zoo!

Paw present for voluntary blood work with the polar bears at Como Zoo
Polar bear ear presents for fly ointment at Como Zoo Park and Conservatory
Camel training at Red River Zoo
Volunteer stretcher training on a Himantura ray for blood work at Steinhart Aquarium.
Photo Credit: Amara target training at Red River Zoo.
Bongo scale training at Roosevelt Park Zoo
Loki the prairie dog voluntarily crating for education programs at Red River Zoo.
Chelsea training Mashama for voluntary foot work at Roosevelt Park Zoo.
Sara training Irwin for educational programs at Red River Zoo.
Training Goober for voluntary weights at Red River Zoo.
Amy training the African penguins at Steinhart Aquarium for voluntary weights.
Loki getting a nail trim at Red River Zoo.
Marcy training one of the red padas at Red River Zoo for a public presentation.
Irwin weighing himself to be a part of his own health care at Red River Zoo.
Jessica target training two cownose rays at Steinhart Aquarium.
Tim training the Arrau turtles for station training at Steinhart Aquarium.
Sara training Goober for wing presents at Red River Zoo.

Video Clips


My services include:

  • Implementation of a husbandry training program designed for your zoo or aquarium
  • Development of husbandry training manuals and/or enrichment manuals
  • Continuing education courses
  • Staff evaluations
  • Consultation on advanced husbandry training such as voluntary blood work, crate training or injections to name a few
  • Design and implementation of outreach and educational programs
  • Consultation on problem solving behavioral issues
  • Establishing animal enrichment programs
  • Evaluation of current training program and recommendation on how to advance you zoo or aquariums program….and more!

Please go to my “Contact Us” page for your training quote today. Please provide the number of staff that will be training, what species and your institutional goals. This will help determine a proposal for your facility. All quotes include travel expenses, on-going email, and phone consultation between site visits. After each site visit, a training report will be provided that summarizes the visit and provides suggestions and direction for management and staff.

In my experience the most successful programs are ones that have on-going consultation site visits. Animal training is a skill that requires significant time, effort, and practice to develop. On-going assessment of training activities, rapid input on problem solving and experienced assistance in developing staff training skills produce better trainers. With on-going consultation through email and telephone consultation (between your site visits) should any questions or concerns arise, immediate assistance will be provided. On-going site visits provide the quickest path to an effective, self-sufficient training program.

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